Magic Mesh – Does it Really Work?

If you live in an area where the weather heats up, you will know how important it is to have a home that is well ventilated. However, you will also know that opening doors and windows can lead to an influx of bugs, such as mosquitoes and flies, into your home. One solution for this problem is screen doors, which provide your home with ventilation, without opening your house up to nasty bugs and other creepy crawlies.

However, screen doors still aren’t perfect, and in particular they can be difficult if your hands are full and you can’t open or close them. Now, the concept of a screen door has been taken one step further, with Magic Mesh. Here we review this product, and evaluate how effective it really is.

What is Magic Mesh?

magic mesh as seen on tv
This product takes the concept of a screen door and builds on it. It is composed of mesh and eighteen strategically placed magnets, that come together to snap the mesh shut after you have walked through it. According to the manufacturers, the main advantage of this product over a regular screen door is that you don’t have to open or close it yourself, using your hands.

This is most useful if you have your hands full and can’t open or shut a normal screen door. Magic Mesh is also useful for families with children, as children often forget to shut screen doors after themselves, leaving your house open and vulnerable to bugs. It also allows your dog or cat to freely enter or leave your home, without requiring that you leave a door open for them.

The manufacturers suggest that the main advantage of this product is that it can ensure that your home is well ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature without allowing bugs or insects into your house, and without causing the inconvenience that a screen door is capable of. This product is not only useful for homes, and will fit all sized screen door frames, but can also be used for campers or pet enclosures.

A majority of people that have used Magic Mesh agree with the manufacturers, and have found the product to be very useful in their homes. This has led to this product rapidly becoming very popular, and a household name.

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Customer reviews

As stated, a majority of users are very satisfied with this product, and have found it to be a great, useful addition to their home. Let’s take a look at two separate reviews:

“We use this screen door on our mobile home. We have tried numerous other hands-free, magnet-closing screen doors, and this one is by far the best. Even with the front door closed, our dog, Boomer, can easily come and go through his doggie door. Because the bottom is not weighted, it parts easily for Boomer. I think this is a great product!”

This reviewer is clearly satisfied with the product. They have decided to use Magic Mesh on their mobile home, and it works perfectly and allows their dog in and out without having to worry about bugs coming inside.

Here’s another review:

“The installation was a breeze. I unravelled it (keeping the magnets attached together), and started tacking it to the door frame. I tacked up the top first, starting from the top/center where the magnets align, and then along the sides. Wallaaaaa – a few minutes later it was up and good to go! Now I just have to teach my Shih Tzu how to use it. Great invention! Wish I thought of it first.”

This reviewer states that the product was easy to install in just a few minutes, and that the product will be useful when their dog knows how to use it. The product comes with comprehensive instructions which should aid in the installation process.

As you can see, reviews for this product are positive, and customers are very satisfied with how easy the product is to use, and how effective it is.

Magic Mesh Customer Reviews at Click Here

Watch out for…

It is recommended that you purchase this product at official website to avoid being taken advantage of in a scam, and to ensure that you receive the original, authentic product. With, if you are not happy with the product you can always return the product No Questions Asked.
Purchasing from other websites may result in you receiving an inferior, imitation product or being overcharged for postage and handling.

The product is designed to fit regular sized doorways, so if you have a doorway that is a strange or unconventional shape you may wish to investigate this further before you purchase the product, to be sure that it is suitable for your door.

The verdict

This product is highly unique, and a very clever invention. One of the great things about Magic Mesh is how versatile it is – it can be used for homes, campers, and pet enclosures or dog kennels. The product is quick and easy to assemble, and works effectively. What’s more, it makes life easier – you can easily walk through doors when your hands are full and the Magic Mesh will snap shut behind you.

This product effectively allows air to freely flow through your home to prevent it become hot and stuffy, but at the same time prevents insects and bugs from entering. It is a cost-effective alternative to a screen door, much easier to install, and doesn’t need opening and shutting. Overall, this is a great value, highly effective product.

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Magic Mesh At

Magic Mesh Available at



Prevent Home Water Damages

Prevention is the best tool for avoiding problems, you should have an eye specially on most used water pipes, like bathroom and kitchen for example. Check if is there any water near by. Some leaks are so small that you might not see it but usually you can feel the humidity, a smell or similar signs. These small leaks might not be problem now, but maybe in a couple of weeks the leak gets bigger and you end up to hire a professional to replace the water pipe resulting in a high bill. So do a weekly check , maybe on a sunday morning, a quick look is enough. In case you detect a problem you can do it yourself. Since is just in the beginning you still have time to learn it and try to do it. First time might be hard , if you don’t have the skills, but give it a try , ask your friends, search in internet and Do It Yourself ! You will learn something new and you will be able to fix feature water leaks. That’s how I started at my place,and today I don’t hire professionals because I can do it myself. I save a lot of money of high bills and I even help some friends. Before I didn’t really enjoyed this tasks, was a headache just to think about it, now I enjoy to do it, to learn more, and feel great after that. Can’t explain why but I really feel better, it might be because I feel that I don’t have to hire somebody or ask for help because with just some tools and my hands I can do it. Ok so a good way to start is to learn a few things about leaks, caulking and sealing. Don’t worry, it sounds complicated and messy but is really simple and easy. I’ve found some useful tips in this site, and it might also help you out in the beginning. You can also find there some products.

Why You Want to Prevent  Water Damages ?

Water damages has an effect on a residence’s value and comfort. It is vital that you avoid water damages, yet if damages does occur, repair works have to be made as quickly as possible. It is smart to immediately take care of any damages induced by water, or you run the risk of a lot more complicated problems that will certainly cost you additional money in the long run. When a home is hit by a flood, malfunctioning plumbing system, or a major crack several dangers are possible. Any type of sort of insulation products, consisting of fiberglass, may shrink or stain as a direct outcome of water damages. Wood fractures when it warps, there is a risk of structural damage to the house. The house is harmful if mold and mildews establish from standing water, and the value of your home is seriously reduced. You have to be sure if any water or wetness resulted in a electric wiring or outlets. Keeping up with preventative maintenance to your house’s bodily property and roofing system averts leaks and water damage as a whole.  Avoiding significant leaks is likewise feasible via the upkeep of the residence’s plumbing system.

Let’s go more into detail on how to prevent water pipe leks.

How To Prevent Water Pipe Leaks

Damage and expensive from interior leaks accumulates swiftly so home owners ought to take indications like puddled water, or odd noises in the wall surfaces seriously. A number of areas should normally be inspected initially if there is believed to be a leak. If it’s feasible there’s a leak after that checking the water meter is a great location to begin. Check out the ground at the meter, checking for mud puddles or wet areas as you map the pipe in reverse toward your residence. The pipes inside the house must be inspected at the spots where they link to see where plumbing system problems originate. The interior pipes which connect to the outside will typically be at a reduced point in the home, for instance a basement or crawlspace. Search for water pooling or bigger compared to regular moisture where the pipelines connect after that follow them up. Keep an ear to the wall surfaces and pay attention carefully for sounds like hissing, gurgling, dripping or flowing water to uncover the area of the leak. Generally the homeowner will certainly need to call a plumbing technician for leakages behind a wall.


Magic Mesh Questions

Fresh air is important, and having a bit of breeze in the house is a smart way to save on cooling bills. Bugs are not as welcome as cool breezes. Opening the back door and allowing a breeze is offering entry to thousands of uninvited guests in the form of bugs, but the Magic Mesh Door is a solution to having both air circulation, and a house free creepy crawlies.
This type of door opens like a curtain and then re-closes through the use of magnets. People and pets can enter and leave with ease, while mosquitoes and other pests remain locked out.

Magic Mesh in Stores

This mesh door, that works like magic is advertised on television, and can be ordered through the company’s 1-800 number. It’s also possible to find the door in some stores, but these offerings are usually subject to availability. Many have found the best way to order is to find online suppliers of the Magic Mesh Door.
It’s important when ordering online to use those online retailers that are trusted, and to avoid those online stores who do not have a strong reputation of protecting their customer’s privacy and information.

One recommended supplier of this type of door is Creating an account through this mega-online retailer is known to be safe, and the Magic Mesh products are available through this store. Through it’s also possible to order gift wrapping, and to check on the number of the product still available in stock. Tracking shipping through this store is also very simple, and customer service is available to answer questions regarding ordering and shipping.

Magic Mesh Dimensions

These doors are designed to fit sliding door spaces, household doors, and even RV doors. The mesh opens easily and closes behind the person or pet entering or leaving. The Magic Mesh Door comes with 2 panels of 83 inch x 19.5 inch mesh panels, 12 hook and loop strips, and 20 wood tacks.

For some uses on smaller or lower doors the mesh at the bottom of the panels will drag or pile if the hooks are not set up higher than the door frame itself. The hooks can be removed and adjusted easily, so it’s possible to test the height before installing the door completely. Measuring the door to be used for the mesh ahead of time and comparing it with the mesh door’s dimensions ahead of time will make the installation easier. Marking off the spaces where the mesh will hang ensure the door will have the best fit possible.

The average single frame door in America is 36 inches wide, and 80 inches high while the sliding glass doors are typically much taller. The dimensions of RV doors are much shorter than 80 inches of most doors found in modern homes. Older homes often doors with unusual or atypical dimensions. Usually with a little trial and error it’s possible to fit the mesh doors either to the door frame or just above or below it.

Magic Mesh Dimensions

Magic Mesh Dimensions

Magic Mesh Installation

Installing these door panels isn’t complicated. No tools are required for the installation. Most people perform this task quickly, although it is best to measure the door frame before installing to have an idea of how high or low to the hang the mesh panels.

Inside the box owners will find 20 wood tacks, 12 hook and loop strips, and both panels. The panels are 83 inch x 19.5 inch. Before hanging the mesh it’s necessary to make sure there are no dirt or debris on the frame that could interfere with installation. The door panels should always be installed on the outside of the frame not the interior side of the frame.

Mark of the midpoint of the door frame where the mesh will be installed. Place the panels on the ground, and align it carefully. Place the matching magnets together to bring the panels together. This will allow the person installing the mesh to have only one entire unit to put up. Placing the panels separate risks an uneven installations and will complicate the mesh being able to close properly.

Placing the hooks in line with the mesh is the next step. The loop strips are Velco and easy to space out and add to the mesh where these can then fit snugly in the frame. Hanging, and then adhering the loops to the frame is the next simple step. Test the door by moving inside, and the mesh should part as the magnets separate the panels, then seal back up after the movement is stopped.

There are several videos for the installation of the Magic Mesh Door offered on YouTube and on the company’s website.

Magic Mesh Screen Door Review

The reviews of these doors are mixed as customers have varying experiences. Typically those who install the panels correctly have little problem. Those who rush frequently report that the magnets don’t align or that the doors show wear quickly. No product offered for an inexpensive cost such as this particular company’s door will last forever, but a longer use does seem to be possible if the doors are placed and installed properly.

Customer Reviews At

The magnets will not align properly if the mesh isn’t installed with panels already connected so both panels form a single unit when hanging for installation. This ensures the magnets will match up. If when lying down the magnets can’t be matched then the product truly is defective and should be returned at this point.

The other complaint regarding the wear at the bottom can be remedied by setting the door panels at a high enough point on the frame so that the bottom of the panel don’t drag on the floor or are pulled by carpeting.

For many people the doors work well, and allow pets and people to enter and exit quickly. The doors keep outside air circulating throughout the home while keeping unwanted pests in the form of flying insects out. Many owners of the door do point out it is a good idea to watch pets and child to make sure they don’t play with the mesh or attempt to pull it down.

Visit Magic Mesh at 


Benefits Of Screen Doors

Post Offered by Helen from

Not many people think about benefits of screen doors past their alluring architectural designs that add aesthetic value to a home and letting in some extra light into the house. But for anyone who has practically installed a screen door, its benefits are much more than home beauty and extra lighting.

During summers and winters, screen doors become a solace point for the whole family. When the weather gets hot, the door fiberglass can be opened to facilitate air circulation inside the house and to let in a cooling breeze. When the cold winters sets in, the screen doors act as an extra insulator which help contain warmth within the house. At the long run, the doors reduce heating and lighting bills and also compliment the function of air conditioners inside the house.

Screen doors also protect living room doors giving them a longer life. This is particularly important for the wooden doors which are widely used in living rooms yet they are highly affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, winter snow and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. For houses located along the coastal region, screen doors keeps the house doors free from corrosion on the door locks and hinges.

With a screen door, one can be able to effectively keep away harmful insects such as mosquitoes and flies while still enjoying a fresh air breeze from outside the house. Virtually every screen door will have a meshed section to facilitate this free air circulation while still locking out harmful insects.

The installation and maintenance of these doors is also very easy. Unlike the ordinary house doors which have cumbersome fixing procedures, the screen doors only need little drilling and attachment to the existing door frame. In case a repair or replacement is needed, pulling it off is pretty easy and may not need highly qualified professionals or extra quality control measures commonly associated with installation of living rooms doors.

Top Screen Doors Models At


Bug Off  Instant Screen

Available at With FREE Shipping . In Stock
Rated with 4 Stars   with More than 740 Customer Reviews at BugOff is described by many as one of the best solutions considering all the different sizes available .


  • 30 x 80″ “
  • 30″W
  •  30-Inch by 80-Inch
  • 32-Inch by 80-Inch
  • 34 by 79
  • 36 by 80
  • 36 by 96
  • 48 by 80
  • 60 by 80
  • 72 by 80


  • Keeps bugs out of your home without hassle

  • Installs without tools or damage to the door frame in about 5-minute-Adjusts to fit doors 78-Inch-80-Inch in height

  • Provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit for both people and pets

  • Makes any door a pet door-pets go in and out with assistance

  • Great for kids-no more slamming screen doors, or screens left open; Closes automatically

Click Here To Visit Instant Screen Door At

BugOff Instant Screen Door French_Double-Best

BugOff Instant Screen Door French Size


Instant Screen Door

Considered one the easiest Screen Doors to install, so they called “Instant Screen Door”.

4 rating stars with more than 120 customers reviews at In Stock

  • Installs in ONE minute with Velcro or tension rod

  • Weighted bottom

  • Durable fiberglass screen

  • Multiple uses

  •              No tools needed

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Instant Screen Door

Instant Screen Door At


Magic Mesh

The Most Famous Mesh Door in the market, The Magic Mesh As Seen On Tv.
More than 60 Customer Reviews the set of 2 Magic Mesh Doors is the most popular product. In Stock

  • Screen Mesh

  • Instant Bug Screen Just step through-screen door opens hands-free!

  • Size: 84″H x 36″W x 1.00″D

  • Provides magnetic hands freen entry and exit for both people and pets

  • Installs without tools in minutes

  •              Can be moved from door to door, taken to vacation homes, or stored away at seasons end.


Would you like to order to Canada ? Visit Magic Mesh Official Site for Canada here


Click Here To Visit Magic Mesh At

Magic Mesh available for canada

Magic Mesh Now At Canada


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Magic Mesh Door

Magic Mesh Screen Door

Now that summer is here, you have probably noticed the arrival of soft breezes, sunshine, and those always present insects. While most people want to let some of that fresh summer air and sunshine into their homes during these warm months, they prefer that insects remain outside the home. One way to do that is to install a magic mesh screen door in your home. Best of all for those who want one of these inexpensive and hands free mesh doors, you don’t longer have to order one through the official website.

Magic Mesh in Stores

Magic Mesh is now sold in from the largest online market place Amazon. (With all the safety and credibility that goes with this company and free shipping too.) With stores carrying this hands free screen door it is even faster and easier to get it than ever before.

If you are in Canada and you would like to purchase Magic Mesh, you can visit the official website for canada here.

Does Magic Mesh Work?

One of the best features of Magic Mesh is that you and your pets can go in and out this screen door without having to worry about closing the door behind you. The door closes itself because it has 18 magnets that snap together closing the door and keeping insects out. For those of you asking if Magic Mesh works, why see what actual people who purchased this product has to say about it? Read the Magic mesh reviews both on the Bed, bath and beyond website as well on Amazon to see if this product is right for you.

Will Magic Mesh Fit My Door?

If you are worried about whether or not the Magic Mesh screen door will fit your doorway, don’t be, this door is made to fit all sizes of doors from that single kitchen door to those sliding doors and will even fit the doors of Rvs. This screen door comes in two panels whose dimensions are 83” X 19.5”

Is Magic Mesh Difficult To Install?

Magic Mesh Amazon

Magic Mesh at

Magic Mesh installation is simple and easy and requires no tools to get the job done. There is also no extras to buy either as everything you need to the install the door comes right in the package with the screen door its self. Simply follow the directions that comes with the Magic Mesh screen door and you should have no problems installing the door perfectly in very short order. Best of all, once summer is over this screen door is easy to take down and folds flat for easy storage.

The magic mesh screen door just may be the perfect solution for those people who do not have a traditional screen door but who wants to allow fresh air into their home during the warmer months.

Get Ready for Summer Get Your Magic Mesh Today At

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Magic Mesh Available For Canada

Magic Mesh Canada

Homeowners in Canada can now breathe with a sigh of relief, as the much awaited screen door is now available in stores close to them. I am talking about Magic Mesh hands-free magnetic screen door. If you have been hearing about this product and willing to try it, this is the opportunity for you to get one of your own and refrain from hear-says.

People who love their homes need to keep it cool, fresh and serene by allowing maximum amount of air to get in while keeping bugs and other harmful objects at bay. Magic Mesh is tailor made to offer these important features to a home. This screen door only fits one description-fabulous. The door has several features, which make it easy to use and efficient compared to the other screen doors.

Click Here To Visit Magic Mesh Canada Official Site


Features of Magic Mesh Hands-free Screen Door

If you have not seen or even heard about this magnetic screen door then here are some features that can help you have a basic understanding even as you consider trying it out.

It is a door cover that opens easily even without the use of hands. This feature makes it easy to cross the door even when your hands are full.

The door closes immediately behind you giving no allowance for bugs to access the house. This is achieved through eighteen powerful magnets.

Magic Mesh is very easy to install. It actually requires no tools and can be set up by anybody just by following simple steps described in the user manual.

It is pet friendly because your best friend can just approach the door and open it without any effort. It then closes right after them. Your pet can just get in and out without any barrier.

This screen door is ideal for guests who behave badly. I mean those who forget to close the door behind them because the door will automatically close itself after they pass.

One other beautiful thing with this magical screen door is its price. It costs a paltry $20, a price that can be found nowhere for such high quality and technologically advanced screen door. To add to this, it comes with a 1-year warranty, which is redeemable at any of the many Canadian tire stores. Magic Mesh fits standard single as well as sliding doors imperceptibly to give a panoramic view of the surrounding natural environment.

Why Should Go For Magic Mesh Now?

Magic Mesh available for canada

As is common with all new products, there is mad rush for Magic Mesh in Canada right now. The problem is that it is there in limited stocks. This is why you should make plans right away to go for your very own while the stocks last.

It also now that the product is priced competitively and the prices are certainly set to go up once the demand for it has sky rocketed. You can also get a discount when you make your purchases now. Magic Mesh hands-free screen door is the new thing now. There is no harm in trying!

Click Here And Get Your Magic Mesh For Canada

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Top Rated Screen Doors at Amazon

Having a screen door during the warmer months is not only convenient it also helps to save energy by allowing you to let in cool breezes instead of running an air conditioner. However, many people live in rental properties where attaching a permanent screen door is forbidden. For those people, finding a non-permanent screen door is essential to helping them get through the summer in comfort. Here is a look at some of the top rated screen doors at Amazon.

Bug Off Instant Screen

BugOff Instant Screen Door French_Double-Best

BugOff Instant Screen Door French Size

One of the Amazon top rated screen doors is the Bug Off Instant Screen. The bug off instant screen doors are magnetic screen doors that allow for hands free exits and entrances. Its features include:

Installs without tools or damage to the door frame.

Fits doors that are 78” to 80” in height

Closes using magnets

Adjustable height tunnels at the top for odd shaped doors.

What the Reviews Have to Say

The reviews on Amazon for the Bug Off instant screen door are quite good with this door receiving 4 out of 5 stars from actual users.

Click Here And Read Amazon Customer Reviews About BugOff Instant Screen

There were several things users like about this easy to install screen door including:

Easy to install

Keeps bugs out beautifully

Bottom weights help keep the door in place

Good quality door

One complaint of users is that if the screen is too wide for the door, you’ll need to buy additional Velcro to make adjustments to the sides because the Velcro that comes with the door is sewn in and can’t be adjusted.

Instant Screen Door

Overall, people who purchased this door really liked it and felt that it was attractive. Adding a magnetic screen door to you house makes for an easy and simple home improvement project.

Instant Screen Door

Instant Screen Door at

The Instant Screen Door is an easy to install magnetic screen door that is sold and Amazon. The features of these screen doors include:

Installs either using Velcro or a tension rod

Weight bottom

Screen is durable fiber glass

No tools required for installation.

What the Reviews Have to Say

Reviews for the Instant Screen door are good with this door receiving 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Click Here If And Read Amazon Customers Reviews About Instant Screen Door

There was a lot of things that users liked about this door including:

A great solution for people who can’t install a permanent screen door

Does a nice job of keeping bugs out while letting fresh air in

When using the tension rod the door is easy to cut to size if it is to wide

Easy installation

Users did find that the tension rod was somewhat thin and light and could be knocked down easily. Also some users would have liked the Instant screen door to open and close in the middle.

Conclusions about BugOff and Instant Screen Door

For the most part Users of both the Bug Off and the Instant screen doors, liked these doors and found them to be a good solution for those people who could not install a permanent screen door where they lived. They served the purpose for which they were intended allowing fresh air in while keeping the majority of the insects out.


What is Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh video opinion related to Magic Mesh Facebook Fan page Comments

Magic mesh screen doors allows everyone to enjoy a breath of fresh air during the summer months while still keeping to your budget.

With summer here most people want to open every door and window in their homes and allow the fresh gentle breezes inside.  Catching that summer breeze is a great way to naturally cool your home and save on those energy bills.  However, unlike in the olden days when every home had a screen door, many of today’s home do not so you are either stuck buying an expensive screen door that you then have to find space to store over the summer months or use that energy hogging air conditioner.  Or you may just want to invest in an inexpensive, easy to store Magic Mesh Screen door.


What is a Magic Mesh Screen Door?

Magic Mesh Official Site

Magic Mesh Official Site

There really isn’t anything really magical about Magic mesh.  In fact the mesh used in this door is very similar to the mesh screens found in other mesh screen doors.  The only differences between a magic mesh door and other screen doors are:

・ Magic mesh is more of a door curtain than an actual door.

・ This curtain like door hangs on the outside of your regular door and unlike other screen doors that open from the side, magic mesh parts in the middle.

・ Magic mesh has no door handles, instead you can simply walk through where the door parts in the middle and then the door automatically closes behind you because this door contains 18 screen door magnets that pull the door shut behind you and hold the door shut keeping insects out.

Click Here To Visit Magic Mesh Screen Door At Official Site Now 

Advantages of Magic Mesh Screen Door

There are several advantages to magicmesh screen doors.  These advantages include:

Safety. While there is no way that you can lock your magic mesh screen door that isn’t a problem as you won’t need a lock on this door.  Because this screen will fit on the outside of your regular door you won’t have to remove your permanent door in order to use this screen door.  So, when you leave your home, or go to bed for the night you can simply close and lock your regular door without worrying that someone can easily cut through your screen and gain access to your home.

Convenience. Traditional screen door are always needing repairs due to the fact that all too often people try to get through their screen door with their hands full and end up puttling their elbows or other parts of their body through the mesh.  Since Magic mesh screen doors are closed by magnets instead of latches all you need to do is walk through and the door parts as though by magic and then closes after you.

Easy Storage. Once summer is over and that cold fall weather tells you that you won’t be needing your screen door again for many months a magic mesh screen door can be easily taken down and stored on a closet shelf or even in a drawer until summer arrives once again.

When all things are considered it is obvious that a Magic Mesh screen door will easily allow you to get those cooling breezes during the summer months conveniently and inexpensively.  For those wanting to know where to buy a magic mesh screen door visit the magic mesh website to order.

Click Here To ORDER Magic Mesh Screen Door at Today

Magic Mesh Official Site

Magic Mesh at



Magic Mesh Reviews

Magic Mesh is a specialized door, specifically a screen door, which comes with special features. This type of door lets the cool breeze come in while keeping those annoying insects to let in. With Magic Mesh, you can walk through it even though your hands are loaded with some materials. It also has an automatic opening and closing acts for finale, which pets would also love. Apart from that, it can also be of great help when it comes to saving energy. For example, during the summer season you need not have to open the air condition because with the help of Magic Mesh, natural cool breeze will just come in. Another best thing that makes it more known to people is its ability to shoo insects such as mosquito and bugs. This only implies that Magic Mesh must be tried this summer season.

Click Here To Visit Magic Mesh Official Site Today

Magic Mesh Official Site

Magic Mesh Official Site

Magic Mesh features different characteristics and materials that are of good quality. It has eighteen magnetic panels that allow you to walk through it without using your hands. You need not worry also about installing the material because in just a few minutes you can already have it installed. It can also easily be folded, so you can store it without hassle and stress. When it snaps, it does not make any sounds unlike the typical doors you have. This is the reason why it is best used with sliding doors.

The product prize cost a bit high, but if you are going to compare it with the other screen doors in the market, you would find it worth the price. You can also save a high amount of money for the installation because you can just do it all by yourself.

 Visit Magic Mesh Official Site Now

The Magic Mesh is available in online stores, so you should be careful because there are fake products out in the online market now. Make sure to look for the online store having a good reputation, so that you will not get scammed. The manufacturer also offers a 30 days deal. So, if you don’t like it, you can return it and get your money back. This just defines what real convenience is.

The greatest innovation was only made for your home by Magic Mesh, which offers different features with their magnificent effects. You can enjoy having it in your home because it will work the way you have always expected. Well, that is simply because great minds were behind its creation.

Almost all the Magic Mesh reviews positively rate this product. According to the buyers, it is highly impressive and functional. These are just two of the reason why it still continues to make a sale in the market.


Magic Mesh Exclusive Review

If you want to get rid of bugs or any unwanted insects, you should try using a Magic Mesh. The Magic Mesh screen door can be effortlessly installed on virtually every doorway imaginable within seconds. It helps you to keep blocking insects, especially mosquito, a killer insect that carries a virus called Malaria which is deadly. Magic Mesh is placed in the main door of your house or even that of your room. Magic Mesh has a one slice hole in the middle that instantly opens and closes when you pass through it.

Click Here To Visit Magic Mesh Official Site Today

Magic Mesh Official Site

Magic Mesh Official Site

There is no longer a need to use your hands, Magic Mesh has 18 magnets that are held together when you pass through it, so you don’t need to close the Magic Mesh door either. Magic Mesh is designed so that a fresh air can pass through it directly inside your house while blocking the insects and at the same time, it also allows you to enjoy better air ventilation and circulation. It also helps you to save on your electric bills because you won’t need to run electric devices like air conditioning or fans and can be kept and folded away when the summer is over.

Magic Mesh is made of fine silk threads and that’s what we call quality. Magic Mesh works really well, and it only takes a minute to install it, no need for a carpenter’s help. With Magic Mesh, you can freely enjoy your meals and can sleep peacefully with no mosquitoes. Magic Mesh also ensures that you need not spray an insecticide that is harmful to your health. It also snaps shut quietly and stays put all summer long. Whether you have your hands full, you can just pass through it, just as easy as that. It can also filter dashes.

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Even pets can walk in and out with Magic Mesh. It’s also great for the kids who never shut the door. Refreshing and cool breeze will enter to your house when you use Magic Mesh. The regular Magic Mesh Bug Screen includes 2 plastic mesh panels, 12 Velcro strips and 20 tacks. Magical Mesh works just about as good as the deluxe Magic Mesh Door Cover. It is an amazing innovation for the home owner and enables individuals to enjoy the many benefits of a mesh screen door.

Now that Magic Mesh is already made available, you will no longer be obliged to use one hand when you carry things and then keep the other one free so that you can open the door. It is also very easy to install, with no nails, screw or tools needed. The simple nature of Magic Mesh is to provide you an easy and deluxe living.

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As years go by, many inventions have been advertised. Some failed while some succeeded. Magic Mesh is indeed a simple solution that gives a big help in our daily lives not only during summer but also during other seasons.

Magic Mesh Official Site

Magic Mesh Official Site